Art Sessions and Workshops

One on One Sessions

In our one on one sessions we will work with you to create an experience that is tailored to your needs. There will be several options to choose from and the structure or the class is fluid. You’ll be encouraged to engage at your pace and in your own way. We will connect with you prior to your session to determine goals and intentions. With guidance, you will be able to slowly listen to and express your own creative voice. There is no need for previous art experience. Sessions are 1 hour. Click here to book.

Group Sessions

Group classes are a wonderful way to witness others express themselves both creatively and verbally. This creates the opportunity for connection through shared experience. Though it is a group class, participants will engage at their own pace. Each individual will have a deeply personal experience. Within the structure of this session is an opportunity for sharing and integrating the experience. Participants can choose to share their work if they wish to but being present is more than enough.


Group classes can be hosted virtually or in person. For more information on pricing and how to plan a group class click here.

Therapeutic Arts for Professionals

Embody Create Heal provides consultation services to trauma agencies, schools, and parents to support those who are passionate about integrating art as a healing modality into their scope of practice. 


Embody Create Heal’s trainings are designed to equip you with the knowledge and practical experience to be able to facilitate therapeutic art workshops.


Consultation can be hosted virtually or in person. For more information on pricing and scheduling click here.

4 week series - One on One

Sessions can also be done in a series of 4 weeks. We will connect with you prior to the first session to discuss specific hopes and goals. Based on your goals, we will structure a 4 week series and explore 1 theme per week with you. Included in the 4 week series are optional exercises to practice in between sessions and the opportunity to chat with Eve and get feedback. Sessions are 1 hour. Click here to book.

Monthly Community Classes

Embody Create Heal hosts monthly virtual therapeutic art workshops for individuals seeking to be in community. This is a wonderful option to try an expressive arts for healing class for the first time. Click here for this month's offering.


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