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Coloring Pages

July 2022 

The weight of the world, the weight of ongoing violence and trauma in our communities is too much for us to bear alone. It’s just too much.

When we feel helpless, there’s always a way to make intentional choices for how we’re going to show up, even if it’s for ourselves and our families.

"Breaking cycles of violence."

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June 2022 

As we navigate pain and grief as a collective and in our personal lives, I hope we feel the ways that we are supported by all of life. Plant relatives and animal kin, all that pulses with life. I hope you make time to care for yourself and see the ways that we can lean into life for support.

"I am supported by all of life" 


May 2022 

An offering for you as you navigate life and all of its pleasure and pain.

"I hold myself with loving care."

i am loved.png

April 2022 

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

"I am loved"

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