I believe that each person is whole and worthy of living a balanced and happy life. 

I don’t see myself as a healer for others. I see myself as healing, always healing and committed to my healing. My hope is that my journey will lead me to be a supportive presence for others who are also on this path of reconnection and reawakening. I believe that everybody has their own unique lived experience and heals in their own way. I believe that we all hold the innate wisdom and power to heal ourselves.

My intention is to offer the many healing modalities that have been life-changing for me. I know that everybody’s healing journey is different so it is my intention to offer multiple options for folks to access their own innate healing capabilities. I know that many of us live with more privilege than others so it is my mission to use my privilege as a light-skinned Xicana and uplift the voices of less privileged people in my community. I am committed to being a supportive presence for those who are suffering

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